…from Architecture comes Fine Art, from Fine Art comes Fashion..


Ariel Swedroe

In her clothing line, Ariel decided to honor her grandfather, renown architect and artist, Robert Swedroe, by incorporating his collages and designs into her patterned fabrics.

It just came into my mind, …and I had to make it.


Robert’s latest works of collage and assemblage continue his tradition of challenging the boundaries between two and three dimensions, while leveraging his sensitivity to the everyday images that comprise our environment.

She gravitated to the happiness of the piece… it’s a very bright colorful piece that she found interesting enough to replicate and make fabric out of it.

Robert Swedroe Art
These new “higher-tech” creations now incorporate computer-generated elements, monochromatic fields, and a bolder, crisper array and arrangement of sumptuous, thought-provoking imagery.