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Gerber Technology, the world leader in integrated software and automated solutions for the apparel and industrial markets, announced that Elizabeth King, vice president, digital solutions community and ecosystem, hosted a panel discussion at the 2016 She Innovates Tech Conference (SheTech) October 29 in Miami, FL.

The one-day conference is intended to inspire girls in Miami-Dade County to become next-generation innovators and problem-solvers by pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and careers – fields that have historically attracted more men than women. The event features opportunities for the participants, aged 9 through 12, to learn first-hand why women can and should pursue tech focused careers in every industry including aerospace, computer engineering, communications, finance, education and even fashion.

King led a panel discussion called “From Wearable Tech to 3D Fabrics,” which focused on fashion and technology. Among the panelists was Israeli designer Danit Peleg, who, in 2015, was the first to design and 3D print an entire ready-to-wear fashion collection using only a home 3D printer. Peleg has since partnered with Gerber to develop and evolve the company’s innovative YuniquePLM® and AccuMark® line of software products.

King says designers like Peleg and the other panelists are good role models for girls interested in STEM. “Gerber believes in making it easy for anyone in the world to design, produce and sell great products,” she said. “Danit used our AccuMark 3D technology to create an entire 3D printed clothing line – and we want young girls to see that. We want to send the message that technology can empower them to pursue their creative career dreams.”

The panel also included Erin Winick, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Florida specializing in 3D printed jewelry and encouraging women in engineering; Ariel Swedroe, a 13-year-old fashion designer local to Miami who was inspired to create digitally printed textiles by her grandfather, Robert Swedroe’s fine art; and Angie Cohen, the founder and creative director of DesignLab Miami who focuses on exposing bright young minds to the joy of creating fashion and textiles.

Held at the University of Miami’s Donna A. Shalala Student Center, SheTech is the product of collaboration between the University of Miami Center for Computational Science and CODeLLA, founded by Josie Goytisolo, an organization that offers tech and coding programs for young Latinas.

For more information about the event, visit http://shetech.miami